Girl Sex Slave Tortures Photos

Girl Sex Slave Tortures Photos

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Hot Girl Subs From DeviceBondage

Hot Girl Subs From DeviceBondageWelcome Katie Kox to Device Bondage. There's nothing like a huge set of tits to start off your weekend, and these bad boys are monstrous. We bend Katie back, bind her boobs up tight, and stick one of our best machines (Alpha) into her wet pussy. We then lube up those honking big tits and give them a good work out. We turn up the machine higher and higher until Katie cums uncontrollably. The machine fucks her so hard that her tits vibrate like crazy. The set is filled with Katie's screams from such constant and powerful fucking. These custom metal devices leave Katie helpless, making her so excited that she has the most intense orgasms of her life. There is no hope for escape, just a machine fucking Katie's pussy until she is mindless

New bondage video gallery

New bondage video galleryWelcome Breanne Benson to Device Bondage. Whenever we work with a new girl we have no idea what she can or can't take. The general rule is, the hotter the girl the less she can take. There are always exemptions to the rule. We need to see how she deals with bondage and how sensitive her nipples are; is she ticklish, can she cum, can she have multiple orgasms? Well, this first scene answered a lot of questions. You can't go too fast or you can break your new toy. In the end this sexy girl is the real deal, she can hang. We made her cum, we flogged her hard, and we abused her huge nipples, all in all not a bad start

"DeviceBondage" Video

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New Bondage Picture Gallery

New Bondage Picture Gallery

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Device bondage porn pics

Device bondage porn pics Device bondage porn pics Device bondage porn pics

In a custom made prison for one, Lorelei has another emotional and fulfilling adventure in the sub-basement of the Armory. Without any chance for escape or even movement, Lorelei is in trouble. We cane her feet, flog her wet shaved pussy and clamp her nipples. We finger, vibrate and make her cum over and over. After locking the vibrator in place, Lorelei can do nothing but cum has her body betrays her and she is powerless to stop the orgasm from ripping though her body. Then we get mean. Add the water torment, with the gag in her mouth and the water hitting her full force. She soon finds breathing a luxury she doesn't enjoy anymore. Once again Lorelei is taken to the edge of her emotional limits. Then a little past

Devicebondage bondage porn movies & pictures

Devicebondage bondage porn movies & picturesAlia Janine and her natural 34FF monster boobage is back. We love hot Milf's all spread out and vulnerable, don't you? The game is simple, we whip you until you say "tickle", then we tickle you till you say "whip". We do this without mercy, without remorse, with total focus on destroying her rational thought. She simply becomes an animal, fighting for breath, fighting for a break, fighting to endure a situation that is no-win. Deciding to take one evil over another evil, it is the cruelest of games, but one that is really fun to watch

New "Device Bondage" BDSM Photo & Movie Gallery

New Live Show Mondays brings you part 2 of the June live show that featured Lorelei Lee, Jade Indica and special guest co-top Sexy Jade. Both girls are now stripped, tightly bound with leather straps, and manhandled around the room. With elbows touching, the girls are totally helpless. Then we add a zipper to each girl, both are connected to the same zipper, and we play the old game of "wishbone" with them. Pull them apart and see who has the most clothespins still attached. Both girls scream in agony as we pull them apart. It's Jade that has the most left on her, so we rip them off also. Then it's Lorelei's turn for a beautiful breath play scene. We take her to the edge as her powerful orgasm rips though her body just as the bag over her body is almost out of air. One of the most intense consensual scenes you can not afford to miss

New Videos & Pictures From Device Bondage

New Videos & Pictures From Device Bondage

Wenona was a Gymnast back in college, flexible, cut, strong, tan, shaved, now add helpless to the list.Wenona can make the most difficult of bondage positions look easy, bound into some splits and arms strappado up this is a difficult device to maintain. When we add some ass fucking and a ass hook, a cunt dildo for some double penetration, and a vibrator that makes Wenona's muscular body cum like a whore. You get a day we like to call Tuesday at Device Bondage

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Humiliated and fucked girl slaves

Humiliated and fucked girl slaves Humiliated and fucked girl slaves Humiliated and fucked girl slaves

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Pain And Humiliation Of Female Slaves

Pain And Humiliation Of Female Slaves

Our hot, tan, big titted, MILF is back and look she has a perfect phat amazing ass! who knew? Mellanie is our little Texas girl and she proves that everything is bigger in Texas. Her ass is amazing, so we trap that ass up. We flog that ass, we put an ass hook in that ass, and we fuck her so hard with a machine that that perfect ass just shakes! Mellanie and her ass are pretty new to the industry and she has learned that she loves being helpless. We have learned her ass is beautiful, her ass is perfect,and her ass is wonderful. Ass

Bondage Gallery

Bondage Gallery

What does it take to overload one of the most experienced BDSM models of the 21st Century? What is that one thing, or combination of things that can bring one of the toughest bondage girls to the edge of their endurance? Was it being bound and suspended upside down, in a cold scary basement? Having your feet caned? Being impaled by a dildo? Having a vibrator making you cum? Nipple clamps and heavy weight added? Your panties jammed in your mouth and severely tape gagged? Raised higher with the shaky pulley? Having an 18 lb. weight tied to your neck, and having that pressure trigger your brain to make you cum harder and faster? The cold water sprayed at you in high pressure, hitting your sensitive nipples and clit? The water hitting your face making it hard to breathe all while still hanging upside down? Was it one of those things that pushed her over the edge or all of those things? Who want to make a guess

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New Bondage Videos & Pictures From Device Bondage

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Hot Bondage Porn

Hot Bondage Porn

Our 20 year old lesbian is back and a man is making her cum harder then she has ever cum before. Back arched and legs spread, our little lesbian is ready for some abuse. We hang heavy weights off her sensitive nipples. We hang a 20lb weight off her neck, that forces her to her toes, and we hang a 20lb weight though her shaved cunt just for fun. Add some heavy flogging and some caning, and we have a cute girl suffering. Add humiliation and our lesbian is made to cum by a man and she cums hard

New Bondage Gallery

New Bondage Gallery

Part 1 of 3 hr live BDSM event The big tit edition

Female in bondage

Female in bondageBobbi Starr started her porn career at Kink, and today her journey comes full circle, she is back at the place she thinks of as home. Well in this house our bitches are bound ass up and naked, and stuck in the ass with a dildo. They are blindfolded, gagged, suffer foot torture, caning, and we make them cum whether they want to or not. And after they cum once we make them cum again. Our bitches are helpless and we control their bodies. It's so pathetic for them in a way, don't you think